Custom Woodwork Chappell Hill Texas

I have always loved working with my hands and problem solving! It all started in high school when I got interested in cars and woodworking. I took Automotive Technology as a junior and senior in high school and decided to pursue it as a full time career. I went to Texas State Technical College in Waco Texas, as a automotive student (Toyota Specialty). After my two years in college I received my associates in Automotive technology and then went on to work at a Dealership and then a independent shop. One of my greatest achievements in life is getting my ASE Master Technician Certification. Although not easy for me I received my Master certification at the age of 22. Working on cars will always be in my heart but I just needed to use my artistic and creative mind, so I decided to take my woodworking hobby head on and pursue it full time!! It was and still is a scary move but my passion and motivation keeps me moving forward. Getting creative and working one on one with customers, friends, and family is just too much fun and important to me. Although most of my life is consumed around growing my business and providing quality handcrafted products, I enjoy listening to podcasts and books. Family and friends will always be the most important part of my life and they always provide me with great support! 
 TOOLS, TOOLS, AND MORE TOOLS. I Absolutely LOVE tools. I don't care if it's a CNC Machine,a woodworking jig, or just a simple mechanic tool I love learning new techniques and experimenting with all kinds of equipment. I definitely follow in my dads footsteps in that regard.

 If you are reading this and feel like it is a scary move to pursue your own business, just pull the trigger and GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!! Life is just too short to be unhappy! If you already own your own business and things are not going your way, keep your head up and KEEP MOVING FOREWORD! “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” - Winston Churchill

 I really appreciate everyone checking out my store! You are what keeps this train rolling! I intend to keep providing and creating top quality products daily, so keep checking back and never hesitate to message me with questions! THANKS Y'ALL!! Erik- Texas Rustic Decor shop- Chappell Hill Texas            
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